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Monday, 14 December 2020

New Way To Cook Chicken Liver Fry Recipe | Chicken Liver Recipe That Will Amaze You For Sure |

Chicken Liver Fry Recipe: Everyone Loves Chicken Liver. This Delicious Dish Is Extremely Relished By Young And Old Alike. This Is One Of Those Authentic Delicacies Which People From All Across India And Pakistan Adorn During Various Festivals. You Can Make This Dish At Home As Well. This Article Will Give You Step By Step Instructions For Making A Chicken Liver Fry Recipe At Home. It Is One Of The Most Nutritious Dishes That You Can Ever Prepare. So My Dear Friends What Are You Waiting For, Let's Jump Into The Article And Let Me Tell You That How To Cook Indian Chicken Liver Recipe At Home, and Let Me Tell You That This Recipe Is Same To Same As Chicken Liver Masala Recipe Pakistani, Gujarati Dhokla Recipe 

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Ingredients To Start Making Chicken Liver Fry Recipe Just Wash The Chicken Liver With Few Turmeric And Salt Couple Of Times In Water. Cut The Liver In Chunks To Get Rid Of Excess Liquid. Now Add Oil In A Large Wok Or Kadai Or Pan And Once Heated Add Green Chillies, Chopped Onions And Green Chilies. Cook On Medium Heat Till The Ingredients Starts To Soften And Brown.

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Garnish The Dish With Coriander Leaves And Serve It With Steamed White Rice. If Possible You Could Also Garnish With Mint Leaves. If This Recipe Is Not Made Using Coriander, Then You Will Not Be Getting The Natural Flavor That Is Found In The Coriander. To Make It More Authentic, You Could Also Try Making It With Coconut Milk Instead Of Using Milk. The Resulting Chicken Liver Fry Recipe Tastes Heavenly And You Are Sure To Get Your Family Hooked To It Too.

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Dry Rub It Is Very Important That You Dry Rub The Chicken With Spices Before Cooking. Apart From The Chicken Liver Fry Recipe, Dry Rub Is Also Used To Prepare Many Other Popular Indian Curries Like The Chicken Chettinad, Samosas And The Makhani. The Spices That Go Into Preparing The Dry Rub Include Red Chili Powder, Cumin Powder, Turmeric Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Cloves And Dried Fennel Or Powder. You Can Also Try And Add Some Coriander Leaves To The Dry Rub For Extra Authenticity.

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Mix It Once You Are Done With Preparing The Ingredients It Is Time To Actually Mix It All Together And Form A Mixture. Add All The Spices, Chopped Onion And Green Chilies And Cover The Mixture. Cook It In The Mixture For About 2 Hours Or Until The Spices Starts To Blend Well. After That, It Is Now Time To Cook Your Chicken Liver In Your Favourite Flour. Once The Chicken Liver Is Cooked And Completely Cooked, Add Some More Spices And Salt To Taste And Serve With Steamed Rice.

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Final Words About Chicken Liver Fry

Enjoy A Delightful Chicken Liver Fry Recipe That Can't Be Improved Upon. There Are Plenty Of Mouth-Watering Dishes That Can Be Made Using The Ingredients That You Have Listed Above. All You Need To Do Is Add Your Favourite Spices And A Little Salt, Let The Mixture Cook, Add Your Steamed Rice And Enjoy A Healthy, Tasty Meal That Everyone Will Be Raving About. Bon Appetite!

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